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 Welcome to the Halo Archive

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Halo Archive   Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:12 pm

Welcome to The Halo Archive.

The name holds true to its primary function: to be an Archive of all things Halo. To catalog, store, record; to make sure nothing is lost or forgotten.

However, in addition to being an Archive, the Halo Archive is a community. Young in it's roots, it is where the Halo Community can come and engage about any part of Halo's past, present, or future.

In order to help you get around the site be sure to list your Fiction Assets, Sources of Reference and take a look at an ongoing project exclusive to this community: Unexplained Happenings in the Haloverse.

The Forum is primarily focused on Halo, but the overall purpose of the forum is to promote engaging discussion across the entire Halo Archive Community. That also includes your desires to discuss non-Halo subjects. This helps the community get to know each other better than you ever could elsewhere. The Wiki is where all of the important interviews of ages past is cataloged. The Blog is your one-stop visit to Halo News, Halo Facts, and Archive Updates. And the Halo Archive Twitter (@HaloArchive), is our portal to the rest of the Halo Community. The Halo lore, no matter how knowledgeable you may be, courses through our minds like nothing else: and that is why the Halo Archive strives to be so much more than just a database or fan community.

Like the ever-changing and expanding Haloverse, the Archive's stores of information will be updated over time. With your help. You are a major part of that. Do not hesitate to contribute, and remember: we're more than just forum-goers, we're Archivers.

You have been recognized, and surely will become recognized, as one of the most passionate minds of the Halo Community. You love the lore. You know the lore. You want to know the lore.

Welcome, Archiver. Help us create the community we all will enjoy for years to come.

Your Admins,

Mendicant Bias- I MendicantBias
Offensive Bias- IsoDidact
Cognitive Bias- JSA343
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Welcome to the Halo Archive
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