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 Installation Protocols

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PostSubject: Installation Protocols   Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:06 am

We expect the community to behave and use common sense on their own. We shouldn't have to expect trouble from anyone.
However, we will have to establish ground rules.
These rules will be for the Forum and Chatbox.

1. Be Respectful
We understand that things can get heated. Words may be thrown around, some questionably things can be said... or you just do that in general. But do not intentionally attack someone. No Flaming or Flamebait, attacking or provoking attacks. Use your best judgement. You can debate without shouting personal insults.

2. Makes Jokes Clear
Sarcasm and jokes are acceptable. But remember, if you are on-the-line or crossing the line with your joke, make sure your intentions are clear. We don't want misunderstands and hate. If you can avoid questionable jokes, that would be good.

3. No Trolling
Be mature. Don't make misleading posts and titles. Don't act stupid or intentionally try to be annoying. If someone is trolling, report it and don't provoke it. It will be handled. Don't make yourself look like an immature 12 year old hiding behind the internet.

4. No Spamming
When making replies or new threads, be on topic. Be sure to explain your opinions and arguments, avoid single-word responses unless necessary. Don't repeat things. No explicit content, included images, videos, and links.

5. Do Not Carry Grudges
Things can get heated, and some members may have rivalries. Hate. It may have started here or elsewhere. Do. Not. Bring. It. In. To. Discussions. Leave those kinds of personal arguments and bickering for elsewhere. Remove yourself from the situation if you can not handle it, talk to the admins and mods if you feel something is wrong.

Other Protocols

Forums: Do not put major spoilers in the titles of threads. You can discuss (use your judgement, depending on importance of the spoiler) inside threads, but you can use spoiler tags if you'd like. The best protection against spoilers is going dark. And remember: Spoiler means for recently revealed information.
Spoiler tags can be used only for spoilers in discussions, and for very long and segmented posts (Catalog and Absolute Record topics) to help make reading easier. Using them elsewhere, especially excessively can be considered spam.

Word Censoring
Halo is a mature game, and its forums should be. There will be no censored words in the forums. But just keep in mind that you don't need to swear every other word in a debate. Still be respectful, you don't always need them to get your point across.

The Halo Archive does not condone Piracy of any kind. Keep the Torrents to yourselves, and, if one decides to 'share' a torrent/pirated copy with another member of Halo Archive, do so discreetly i.e on another site. Halo Archive will not be held responsible for said member's illicit activity. Any torrents and/or pirated copies of ANY material whatsoever will be removed and it's poster, banned.

We recognize that there are real-world issues and events that take priority over sites like this. We recognize that other sites can take priority over sites like this. But be as active as you can. Contribute, be a part of the community. Without any prior warning or knowledge, an account that has been inactive for several weeks will receive a warning. For a couple month or longer without any acknowledgement the account can be deleted, depending on activity before.

Just keep to the rules. Don't make trouble, use common sense. You will be responsible for your actions, and the admin/moderating staff will be watching. If you feel someone is breaking the rules, report it and we will take action.
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Installation Protocols
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