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 The Absolute Record: Directive

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PostSubject: The Absolute Record: Directive   Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:37 pm

Welcome to the Absolute Record Section of the Forums.

This is where important information will be stored and cataloged, especially so it can be added to the Halo Archive Wiki. Topics here can consist of interviews, articles, and a collection of all artifacts (books, games, comics, etc.) that can be considered as sources.

All rules apply to this Section. If you have any information you believe worthy of saving, be sure to post it. There may be discussions regarding some of the information stored here, but overall this is just to catalog information. Do not hesitate to create a new topic, contribute to existing topics, or report situations you feel are wrong. Especially, do not hesitate to search the internet for those important articles, interviews, trailers, and more so that they are no lost over time.
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The Absolute Record: Directive
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